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Find out about one of the oldest gourmet drinks in the human history, the Turkish coffee.  With a history of 500 years, we go beyond the first and second wave and serve our coffee in the third wave to exceed your expectations.  Our carefully chosen coffee beans are roasted just in the right way to fulfill your needs of aromatic flavor.

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You are planning an event and are in need of a unique and upscale catering service?  With Turkish Coffee Lady you can be sure that our experienced team, dressed in traditional Turkish dresses will take great care of your social gathering.  No matter if you are organizing a corporate event, or a private party, we cover everything from galas to baby showers and embassy receptions. 

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Your future lies within your hands, right at the bottom of your Turkish Coffee.  Didn't you always want to know how your future looks like?  With our partner Faladdin you can easily scan your coffee grounds and let the app read your fortune.  It gets even better, we also offer fun workshops so you can read your and your friends fortune yourself.

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Turkish Coffee Lady offers a prodigious variety of delicious products such as real Turkish Tea, tasty Turkish Delights and fine coffee and tea sets, as well as exclusive coffee makers. 

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