Introducing our Istanbul Gourmet Blend

What could we achieve, if there was a little more love in the world?....A little more adventure?....A little more authenticity?

Meet Turkish Coffee Lady's special gourmet blend, named after one of the world's greatest cities, Istanbul! Created with love by award-winning gastronomy consultant and gourmet coffee expert Cenk Girginol, this new blend is a rich roast of 100% Arabica coffee, combined with aromatic Columbian and Guatemalan beans. You can now experience this centuries-old ritual representing friendship and hospitality through our new gourmet coffee selection. Our Istanbul coffee blend is currently on sale at our Tysons Corner Center location! This special blend will take you to a timeless journey to magical Istanbul! Come and enjoy today!

Turkish Coffee Lady
Authentic Gourmet Coffee Shop
Tysons Corner Center
Ground Floor, by Lord & Taylor