Authentic Turkish Coffee Flavors & Gourmet Sweets Weekend


Turkish Coffee Lady, the first and only authentic Turkish coffee shop in the DC metro area, is delighted to invite coffee lovers to explore its brand new Turkish coffee menu selection and enjoy our new traditional desserts in the heart of Tysons Corner Center!
Our new coffee flavors include chocolate, strawberry, cardamom, mastic gum, almond, caramel, hazelnut, decaf and other mixed flavors. In partnership with an award-winning coffee consultant Mr. Cenk Girginol, Turkish Coffee Lady is also introducing a new gourmet coffee blend called ‘Istanbul’, a rich roast of 100% Arabica coffee, combined with aromatic Columbian and Guatemalan beans.
There is a reason why Turkish delights and baklava have been one of the most popular delicacies around the world for centuries. In partnership with, we invite you to treat yourself with gourmet Turkish sweets and loved ones at Turkish Coffee Lady between June 29-30. In addition, there will be a raffle for authentic coffee sets and complimentary coffee reading sessions.
This is a free event. Do not miss out on our specials and discover authenticity!
Turkish Coffee Lady
Authentic Gourmet Coffee Shop
Tysons Corner Center
Ground Floor, by Lord & Taylor
June 29-30 / 1 pm - 7 pm

* Described as an oasis in the shopping mall by its clientele, guests enjoy Colombian filtered coffee, authentic Turkish tea, herbal teas, gourmet Turkish delights and baklava, mouth-watering Mediterranean treats, and other traditional sweets at our unique coffee shop. Complimentary Turkish coffee brewing workshops are also available upon request.