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TCL - Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

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Turkish coffee requires an exquisitely fine grind - far finer than even an espresso grinder will produce. Roasted beans are ground until an extremely fine coffee powder comes out the mill. 

A unique brewing method, the world's oldest technique, is part of with water and the desired amount of sugar and heated in a “cezve,” or Turkish coffee pot.

The coffee is served in small cups. It is unfiltered and must be left to stand for a short time after serving to allow the grinds to settle at the bottom of the cup. It is customary to serve the drink with a velvety foam on the surface, resulting in a uniquely satisfying mouth-feel.

Turkish coffee has a uniquely delicious taste. It’s a true third- wave coffee – from a time before “third wave” coffees came into existence. Turkish coffee is the world's first gourmet coffee.

One package consists of 3.53oz/100g purest Turkish coffee.