Valentine's Day - Coffee Fortune Reading Weekend

Turkish Coffee Lady Café will be making Valentine’s Day sweeter: We invite you to “Open Your Heart & Brighten your Day with Good Fortune"! We will be offering coffee readings during the “Cup of Fortune” special from February 15th to 16th (11 AM - 4 PM).
The promotion is inspired by the Turkish tradition of reading your fortune in the coffee grounds found at the bottom of the cup after enjoying a delicious brew: Turkish coffee dregs known as “telve” allows fortune readers to see your future in the most scrumptious way.
This unique tradition of reading fortunes in a cup of coffee can be traced back to the 16th century. Turkish fortune reading is both fun and easy. All you need to do is enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, sit back, relax, and learn what the future may hold.
Private sessions can be booked on Eventbrite for $30 (plus tax):

Guests  who make their bookings online will receive a 10-minute reading, authentic Turkish coffee and gourmet baklava.
For group reservations, please email at or call (202) 670-4360. 

As a part of the Valentine’s Day campaign, visitors who shop on February 14th can enter a raffle for complimentary fortune reading sessions, coffee workshops and other surprise gift items. A BOGO special will also warm the hearts of gourmet coffee lovers on Valentine’s Day.

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