Celebrate National Coffee Day with Turkish Coffee Art

Turkish Coffee Lady, an authentic gourmet coffee business dedicated to bridging cultures one coffee at a time, is celebrating the upcoming National Coffee Day with a special presentation on September 28th. Turkish Coffee Lady will be hosting the micro art master Hasan Kale known as Turkey’s Microangelo and award-winning author Cenk Girginol on September 28th at Tysons Corner Center. The event will include live art demonstrations and fun interactive sessions.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind live art demonstration and exhibition between 12 pm - 4 pm. Award-winning gastronomy author and coffee expert Cenk Girginol will also host a Turkish coffee workshop on this special brewing technique and its 500-year old traditions.

September 28, Saturday / 12 pm - 4 pm
Turkish Coffee Lady
Authentic Gourmet Coffee Shop
Tysons Corner Center, Ground Floor, by Lord & Taylor

The authentic coffee shop will also offer a special deal for friends, family and couples: As a centuries-old ritual, Turkish coffee has been representing the taste of friendship and hospitality. Turkish Coffee Lady will be offering her customers a complimentary cup of Turkish coffee with any purchase on September 29th.


Hasan Kale - Biography:

Hasan Kale, a well known micro­artist, involved in painting since his early childhood and began his career by drawing miniatures in Istanbul. Artist uses his miniature drawing talents for his paintings, tries to interpret miniature art with a contemporary eye. He paints on things we see, are exposed or ignored in our daily lives like a rice, a nail, a silk cacoon, a needle, a buttterfly wing.

Hasan Kale considers these micro­works as a turning point for his career. “Things we usually see can turn into something invisible” he says and tries to call attention to that notion. Besides micro­paintings, it is possible to observe miniature drawing techniques’ tracks in his bigger canvases. In the paintings, he creates imageries with a miniature genre.

The artist claims the essence of the aesthetics in art, with a detail­oriented look. His use of light reveals the romantic attempts of his art view. As a point of view, he feels more close to neo­classic and neo­orientalist art movements.

Hasan Kale joined in lots of art projects, interested in other design fields & options. By drawing onto micro objects, Kale draws up a new perspective, builds up a new language in the art world. He also shows effort to transfer his knowledge to new generations through seminars and conferences in universities.

Besides its local and international exhibitions, Hasan Kale pursues his position as Art and Design Director in TT Custom, involves in jewellery design and host TV shows in Turkey. Furthermore, he tries to contribute to Cooks and Chefs Federation. He aims to travel around the world with his “micro art world concept”.

Cenk Girginol - Biography:

Since 2003, Cenk Girginol is working as a professional adviser on coffee and coffee organizations and many international chain stores’ administrative bodies. His first book “Coffee: from the Soil to the Cup” was published in 2016. The book was awarded as “The Best Book on Coffee of Turkey” and then “2017-The Best Book on Coffee in the World” by the World Cookbook Awards in 2017. In May of 2018 it was granted as “2018-BK Interior Design” award by Independent Press Awards which was the first award given to a Turkish book. This is the first coffee book (Coffee: from the Soil to the Cup) published in Chinese in China in 2019. His second book “Coffee: From the Cup to Taste” was published in 2018. Gourmand World Cookbook Awards granted this book firstly, as the “Winner” in Turkey and then as “2019-The Best Book on Coffee in the World”. Moreover, he continues performing some seminars and the talk shows on TV, in some universities, and at the “Cenk Girginol Coffee Academy” with coffee lovers. He has carried coffee education into the academic arena by teaching The Science of Coffee and Applications course in Okan University in Istanbul. 


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