An Homage to our Turkish Coffee Lady Customers

  It has been roughly over 6 months now since Turkish Coffee Lady has opened its gourmet café at Tysons Corner Center in Virginia. (Click here to read more about our grand opening).

  The love and support we received from our family and friends gave us strength and energy to make it happen! We are now fulfilling a life long dream by serving to our customers from all around the world unique gourmet tastes such as Turkish Coffee, Turkish Tea, Baklava, Turkish Delights and many more authentic flavors!

  Now, within the past 6 months our family has even grown further, namely with our curious, open minded and loyal customers!  Your valuable feedback and unconditional love for the brand has shown us that we are on the right track and will always continue to improve for you!

  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and honor you with your very own pictures.

  This blog will serve as an homage to all our delightful Turkish Coffee Lady customers. Thank you!

James M. from Tysons Corner, VA

James M. from Tysons Corner, VA. Thanks for the great picture, neighbor! 


Sanaa M. from Washington DC 

Sanaa M. from Washington DC. We hope you enjoyed your coffee with your date :)


Robert A. from Washington DC

Robert A. from Washington DC. What a beautiful shot! 


Alex R. from San Francisco, CA

Alex R. from San Francisco, CA. A long flight from the West Coast that's so worth it! :)


Hadil A. from Falls Church, VA

Hadil A. from Falls Church, VA. Someone got here eyes on us! :)


Junipa C. from Jefferson, VA

Junipa C. from Jefferson, VA. You know where to find us when you are craving for more ;)


Erdem K. from Hamburg, Germany 

Erdem K. from Hamburg, Germany. Who doesn't cross the Atlantic to have some authentic Turkish Tea in America, right?


Sara B. from Manhattan, NY 

Sara B. from NY, NY. Thank you for your kind comments on Yelp.


Ed V. from Mount Pleasant, MI 

Ed V. from Mount Pleasant, SC. Thank you for visiting us and being our guest!


Last but not least, a true contributor who enriches our presence on the web with her great pictures!

Nilsu G. Chevy Chase, MD 

Nilsu G. 2 

Nilsu G. from Chevy Chase, MD


There are so many more amazing pictures from our valuable customers that we will display in another upcoming blog very soon. Stay tuned!

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